BILL WHITE 21:31 07 Apr 2003

I have a spreadsheet with a variety of dates in column 1 and corresponding data in column 2 ( the heights of my grandson) I've tried plotting this using WORKS but cannot get it to handle the dates correctly. My dates are not evenly spaced, they vary in interval but WORKS insists on treating them as if they were uniformally spaced. In other words it treats them as labels rather than data.

I've tried using the DATE function to return a serial number for the day but this has no effect on the problem: I just get a series of points, evenly spaced on the X-axis with the date ot date serial number as a label.

Any help wd be greatly appreciated. I used to have MATLAB and that handled such problems easily but I don't have it any longer.

  VoG™ 21:51 07 Apr 2003

Sorry I'm not familiar with the Works spreadsheet but I use Excel a bit. I believe the Works spreadsheet is a hacked-down version of Excel (more or less).

In Excel you get a choice of chart formats - if you go for a "Line" chart then it expects evenly spaced data on the X-axis. Selecting "Scatter" allows irregularly spaced X-axis data.

Hope this is of some help.

  slimzippy 23:57 07 Apr 2003

If Excel can do it, I would have thought Works would too. I’m not familiar with Works but surely there is some way to format the date column so the entries are correctly recognized. If all else fails and if it’s just a problem with it automatically interpreting dates and serials (but not other numbers) perhaps you could make up your own scale of time for the x axis (number of days?) and add the correct date labels after? Messy, I know; it’s better to use matlab6 or origin7 for plotting graphs.

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