microsoft works .7 word processor problem.

  big bloke66 21:17 22 Jan 2006

Hi all.
I have a problem with the word processor as it wont spell check.It says works cannot finnish checking spelling and grammer check because an error occured.
When i check tools / options i discover that i have no dictionary at all. Just a drop down box with nothing in it.
Is this my problem ? and if it is how on earth do i rectify it.
Hope you understand this cause i dont.
thanks in advance.

  big bloke66 22:49 22 Jan 2006

oops should of added.
o/s win xp home

  big bloke66 18:41 23 Jan 2006


  Totally-braindead 18:45 23 Jan 2006

Why don't you just remove it and reinstall it from your disks, that should cure it.

  big bloke66 23:12 23 Jan 2006

Thats just the problem i hav'nt got the disk as my puter didnt come supplied with one.
nows the time to slash my wrists.

  Bagsey 09:56 24 Jan 2006

Are you using the works word processor or word.
My works never ever had a spell checker built in. To get a spell checker I had to install a version of word. If you dont want to do that there are spell checkers available for download. Google for spell checker. A lot of free ones.

  Belatucadrus 11:38 24 Jan 2006

I had a look at the click here;[ln];wrk works help and support page and while there is a spell check issue mentioned it referred to corruption of a Works 6 installation after addition of 7 or 8, so not really the same and the fix involved installing another Microsoft product anyway, which isn't helpfull. Without a disk, you may have problems fixing the spell check.
As a stop gap you could try Tinyspell click here . Change your word processor click here click here click here or maybe the entire office suite click here all free.

  big bloke66 19:49 01 Feb 2006

Cheers Bagsey for your reply,i have checked some help sites and they say the same that spell check isn`t included in the word processor on m.s works 7.
My wife says she has used it! still im not going to argue even thou im 6 foot six and 19
Thank you for your reply, i decided to go for open office. my wife and daughters are now very happy once again. phew.
Thanks again bb66.

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