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  Fat Cat 17:43 23 Feb 2003

I'm trying to prepare a letterhead and save it as a template.In the template I'm trying to incorporate a blue colour band at the bottom with various company details etc overwritten on it in black.

The company name top right and stuff like Our Ref and Your Ref in the top left opposite the company name.

My questions are:

is it possible to put the colour band in with black writing on top ? I haven't managed it yet !

I call up the template but the problem is when I type a letter reference after Our Ref/Your Ref
or the date, the Company name to the right moves over and eventually wraps to the nextline ! How do I fix the position of the words on the template ?

If I get the letterheads done professionally it is still guesswork where to write without writing over the letterheads when you print the letter out.

Gee there has got to be a simple answer but
who has got it !

Help !!!!!

Fat Cat

  jolorna 17:55 23 Feb 2003

try using text box's for each item that you want to insert data on your template, and choose no line so the lines wont show, you will also be able to have a background colour in the box if you wish

  harristweed 18:05 23 Feb 2003

To put a coloured band at the bottom of the page. Use headers and footers. Put a table with one row and one columb in to the footer. You can then set the shading of the table cell to be blue and any text can be black.

To stop the Company name for moving. You could use a text box. This is found on the drawing toolbar. Also put a second text box on the other side of the page to hold the ref and date.

  Fat Cat 00:17 24 Feb 2003

Thanks Folks it is much appreciated !

  Djohn 00:47 24 Feb 2003

And to answer your last question, measure the heading space on the paper, and if it takes up say 6cm, then go to page set up, and adjust your top margin to 7cm or there abouts and then the printing of your typed text will start below your heading.

You can set this as default for that template only, then it will always start to print in the same place. All other documents will not be affected by this. J.

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