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  freddy-firecracker 14:29 23 Mar 2005

HI i am currently in the process of updating several letters for my organisation where letters are stored in shared drives and also local drives. The letters have fields in them so people can enter info easily. The question i have is can a letter be set up which has fields which automatically pick up the values held in Outlook. e.g display name and/or telephone number so that the template is automatically updated on each users PC.

Any help would be grateful



  Jeffers22 18:00 23 Mar 2005

Take a look at these click here and click here

  Taff36 23:15 23 Mar 2005

Sorry but I relate to this one. It might help if you told us how many computers and users (you might have multiple users on a machine) but anyway. Step back.....and in my honest opinion:

In any business organisation of more than two people you should have one database of contact information (customer or supplier)and this should be updatable by any authorised user - don`t let buyers mess with customer data and vice versa. Nobody should have letter templates or data held personally on their own machines - how can you back up that information regularly if you`ve got multiple users. So first get your database and the links offered previously suggest that this could be one common Outlook file.

Next hold all your templates on the same server and link all the individual workstations using Word to source their templates from this server location. (On each machine you go to Tools>Options>File Locations Tab and Modify both the templates and the store folders to the server location - this is a once only operation BUT this can be over-ridden by the user. Make it "on pain of death" to anyone who does this with company data!)

Just a thought before you start. And from bitter experience of a colleagus saying "But I`ve lost 6 months of letter/invoice/contact information `cos my hard drive packed up"

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