Microsoft Word Problem

  [DELETED] 12:57 28 Oct 2003

Since importing some text from a scanner into word the alignment tab thing at the side as changed. It is the blue tab thing at the side which determines how far down the page the text cursor starts. There is one at the top to decide how far across the text is from the edge of the paper. The one at the side has changed and now the text starts right at the top of the page and I cannot change it back. Ive tried dragging it but the one oat the side won't but the one at the top does.

Thanks for any help.

  [DELETED] 13:17 28 Oct 2003

I've tried recreating your prob with no success, my left hand "bit" works OK. Have you tried changing the top margin in Page Setup and see if that has any effect (presuming I've understood you correctly)

  graham√ 13:34 28 Oct 2003

I'm going for the margins, too.

  [DELETED] 17:24 28 Oct 2003

Yep! I agree with both above. For the side tabs to be showing means you are using the "Print" view to look at word, I too use this view.

File/page setup/Margins, and adjust from there to your own liking. Click on the "Default" button and they will stay that way. On the occasions you want them to be different do the same but click only the "OK" button and the change will be temporary for that document, reverting back to your default setting for normal use. j.

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