Microsoft Word paper colour display is wrong

  wiganken2 21:10 15 Jul 2018

I use Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 on my Windows 8.1 64-bit OS. Because I find stark white too bright to stare at when composing Office Documents and Spreadsheets I changed the Registry “Window” colour to RGB value 140 160 140 (a pale green). When I launch Excel the spreadsheet is displayed in the pale green colour I selected but if I launch Word the ‘paper’ colour displayed is stark-white, not the expected pale green as in Excel. The interesting bit though is that if I right-click in a folder or on the desktop and select “New/Microsoft Word Document” and give it a name this creates the new document ready for opening. If I then double click on the new document to open it for editing the ‘paper’ colour displayed is the pale green colour I want. I have tried several times to save the Word template normal.dotm with the pale green ‘paper’ colour but launching Word still shows a white page unless I open a new document created as described above. Has anyone any ideas how to get Word to display the “Window” colour defined in the registry? Maybe there is some other setting I need to change? If TA allowed me to insert pictures I could show you the two 'paper' colours but I can't so I hope the description is clear enough.

  wiganken2 08:47 16 Jul 2018

More information: - If I use the “New/Microsoft Word Document” method to create a document, test.docx, it shows 'green' paper. As long as the file extension remains as docx the page stays 'green'. If I change the file extension to that of a Word template, test.dotm and open it the paper changes to white. If I change it back to test.docx the paper is 'green' again. Obviously something to do with the Word Template format but what and how to fix it?

  wiganken2 10:43 20 Jul 2018

Due to no replies on this thread I am closing it and have simplified it in another simplyfied thread. See click here .

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