Microsoft Word.... Lines and Extra Pages

  Duncanf 10:43 11 Oct 2003

This may sound trivial but it's annoying!
I do an A4 4-page folded weekly news sheet.
Recently I pasted an article from another source and a purple vertical line appeared to the left of the text. Although I have now deleted the text, the vertical line is still there. I've tried everything in my simple knowledge but no success so it's over to my usual helpers!

Also, I get frustrated when my printer churns out 2 pages (the second one blank) when I only have text on one. I know that text strayed by mistake onto the second page but I deleted it and reduced fonts to get all on one page but the printer is still recognising the second.
I can solve it by selecting 'Current page' on printer settings but must I do that every time?
Thanks in anticipation friends!

  pj123 11:04 11 Oct 2003

Does it still say 1/2 in the Status Bar? If so you may only have deleted the text on page 2, the page itself is still there. Go to the bottom of Page 1 and keep pressing Del until the status bar reads 1.

  Duncanf 11:09 11 Oct 2003

Thanks pj123 - you've solved the extra page dilemma! Simple. Thank you.

Any idea about my vertical line??!!??

  slimpickins 11:18 11 Oct 2003

Not sure about the purple line, was it on the original document? It could possibly due to light leak on the scanner and is some form of image.

The phantom page is a common problem. It's baecause although the page appears blank there is still formatting information there. This is generally caused by text going to the second page and then being deleted.

To get rid of it either use the cursor keys, between the number pad and the keyboard, to get to the bottom of the formatting. The cursor will stop when it get to the end. Use the delete key to get rid of the formatting.

Or, and this is the best way, use the format button to show the formatting. The format icon looks like a musical character, two vertical lines with a black semi-circle stuck on the top of the righthand one.

If you can't see it, click on "view", then "toolbars", then "formatting". Or you can add the icon by right clicking on a toolber and then on "customise".

  pj123 11:29 11 Oct 2003

Does the "purple vertical line" printout? Can you actually click on it to select it and then Edit, Cut? Alternatively, can you select it by placing your mouse in the left margin area until the pointer slopes to the right and then click the mouse and cut from there?

  Duncanf 11:48 11 Oct 2003

Thanks pj123 and slimpickins.
Extra sheet solved. Purple line has mysteriously vanished when I cut some text from document. before that I had already tried to 'click' on it but it wouldn't accept that. I would have tried the mouse suggestion from pj123 but I haven't needed to!
Thanks to both of you.

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