Microsoft Word Global Templates

  Kernow999 11:21 22 Jun 2004

At times, when using Word, I get asked to save the document, as normal. If I do not save, it comes up with a message along the lines of "if changes are not saved it may effect the Global Template" and then tries to get me to save it in the Templates file under "normal".
Any ideas what is happening?
I use W98Se which was pre-installed.

  Taff36 11:31 22 Jun 2004

Which version of Word do you have? It`s certainly strange the way you`ve described it. When closing down Word it is normal for the computer to ask if you want to save changes to the normal template but from your description this seems to be happening whilst you are composing a document. Have I got that right?

  Kernow999 12:40 22 Jun 2004

It goes strange when I try to finish a document. I am using 2000.
I was wrong initially. It was not pre-installed. I found the discs! Is it worth re-installing it?

  Taff36 12:57 22 Jun 2004

When you say finish a document what do you mean? Save it for the first time? Can you post the exact wording of the message.

  Kernow999 16:45 22 Jun 2004

Sorry. Yes I do mean that I am trying to save it for the first time. I will try and get it to happen and post the wording.
Thanks again.

  Kernow999 16:48 22 Jun 2004

Typical. It wont play up now.
I will post when it does do it again.

Thanks for your time.


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