Microsoft Word Formula Error

  livewire 17:55 24 Feb 2004

I use a simpe A+ B formula to work at the price of a list on my Invoice (=SUM(ABOVE)

I have used the same formula for 3 years and it has never been modified since its first creation. But today each time I press F9 to work out the formula it is worked out incorectly. For example


Would come out as 400.01

I have tried backup copies of my files and they still have the problem, I did a Detect and repair on word to no help.

What baffles me is that I get the same problem on my Laptop as well as my desktop.

Any help would be most aprreciated


  VoG II 21:59 24 Feb 2004

Bump to the top of the board.

Presumably you are using Table/Formula to insert the formula. What happens if you change the formatting in the Formula wizard? My only thought is that the numbers in thae table are not displaying correctly. For example if there were two 200.004 and you sum them using 0.00 formatting you would see 400.01

  Taff36 10:24 25 Feb 2004

I think you are using INSERT>FIELD =formula in a table in which case click somewhere in the field (not highlight it) and then right click and select edit field. Click the box bottom left "field codes" and you should see this

=SUM(above) \# "£#,##0.00;(£#,##0.00)"

Above instructions are for Word 2002

In Word 97 or 2000 do the same but select "toggle code" and you may see

=SUM (above) *\mergeformat or similar. Try cutting and pasting the first formula and see if this solves the problem.

I would strongly recommend you switch to Excel for invoices. There are templates available that make invoicing a doddle without any hassle but post back if you want to persue the Word route.

  livewire 18:22 25 Feb 2004


I =SUM(above) \# "£#,##0.00;(£#,##0.00)

But I still have the same 0.01 added to the formula. This is bizzare!


  Taff36 10:25 01 Mar 2004

Apologies - been away for a few days. Did my solution seem to work but still gives you the same result? If so I tend to think that VoG may have a point.

Would you consider e-mailing me the document and I`ll have a look for you?

  livewire 17:43 01 Mar 2004

Thank-you all!

I have found myself a solution! After hours of smashing up the keyboard in stress it seemed that it was the date which was knocking out my formula. Somehow microsoft word stared reading the date as part of the formula and was providing me with an £0.01 sum. I have split the table now so that the date cannot be addded to the formula.

Why this has started hapening I dont know...

But im glad its fixed, even if it was a stroke of luck finding the fualt ;)

Super thanks for all your suggestions! Im very grateful and very very happy its all working again!

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