BODS 07:00 17 Jul 2007

hi, when using ms word, after typing in a word the following text starts to delete on its own as I type the word.

  Technotiger 07:32 17 Jul 2007

In Word, go to Insert>Auto text, look at the various tabs, then set everything the way you want.

  puma22 07:38 17 Jul 2007

You may have accidently hit the insert key on the keyboard (to the right of the enter key) Hit it again once and see if it makes any diffeence.

  compumac 07:41 17 Jul 2007

You have OVERWRITE being used. At the bottom of the screen you will see OVR(OVERWRITE) - double click on this to make it greyed out. This is used when you wish to overwrite instead of inserting text.

  [email protected] 09:21 17 Jul 2007

Over on the right of the k/b you have an Insert key with a Delete key underneath. Not sure if you hit the Delete key again to "undo" the setting, or the Insert key to "do" the setting but it's one of those.

  BODS 13:14 17 Jul 2007

thanks to all who answered my recent problem, comumac was right ovr was on screen -thanks-ok now. however how did it do this and what is overwrite

  Mike D 15:26 18 Jul 2007


Ocertype is exactly what it says, instead of making room for new letters, it just overtypes anything in its way. It happened because you must have accidently hit the INSERT key on the keyboard. This key toggles OVR on and off.


  Mike D 15:26 18 Jul 2007

Or even Overtype!

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