microsoft word cuts off last letter!

  clarky8325 12:57 15 Jun 2004


using a table with absolute column width and row height ms word is cutting off half a letter occassionally. this happens in preview also and when printed. text is left alligned.

any help greatly appreciated

  stlucia 13:06 15 Jun 2004

Have you got the Wrap text option checked, and the left and right cell margins set to something greater than zero? (Table/properties/cell/options.)

  Djohn 16:24 15 Jun 2004

The cells of tables in Word have a margin either side just like page setup does and this can be altered to allow a couple of extra characters to fit on the same line within the cell without enlarging the cell itself.

Right click in the Table and choose Table properties then options tab. You will see that both the right/left margins are set to 0.08 as default. these can be reduced for the whole table or by clicking on the Cell tab the cell only.

These settings can be used for just the table you are working on or made default for all tables. j.

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