Microsoft Word - Close file - Wish to save changes

  yattonharry 14:33 24 Jun 2005

When opening a Word doc, just to view contents and then closing, without changing anything, I'm confronted with a dialogue box asking whether I wish to save the changes. As I haven't made any, I'm getting a wee bit frustrated and wish to know how to get rid of this dialogue box. Any help would be much appreciated.

  Graham ® 14:55 24 Jun 2005

Spell Checker turned on? click here

  Diodorus Siculus 15:01 24 Jun 2005

Does the normal template load any macros? It would be worth searching for it, renaming to normal.old and restart MS Word; then see if anything happens. You may have to turn on hidden files.

  Peter 16:42 24 Jun 2005


It may be that your document contains some "fields" - page numbers, number of pages, dates, etc. that are automatically updated when the document is opened. When you open a document and have not made any changes to it, check to see if the Undo button is still greyed out. If not then click on the little down arrow to the right of the undo button to see a list of undo-able actions. This should give you a clue to why Word wants to save your document.


  wiz-king 16:47 24 Jun 2005

If you go to file /properties it will show you the date that the file was last accessed, this is updated every time you open a document, so this is a change and it asks you if you want to save it -logical but infuriating.

  Enoch 17:05 24 Jun 2005

Wiz-king is correct. Better be asked to save changes than to either allow changes to take place or not. At least yattonharry is given the choice.

  Graham ® 17:32 24 Jun 2005

I can open and close a doc without being asked.

  yattonharry 18:07 28 Jun 2005

Thank you all for your suggestions and I have looked into all of them. Unfortunately, I have not been able to resolve the problem but will look further at the Microsoft site.
Maybe, as you say, it is something that I shall have to live with.
Thanks again.

  sattman 18:15 28 Jun 2005
  Diemmess 18:20 28 Jun 2005

Graham ® doesn't have this problem and neither did I until...... recently.

Not wishing to belittle yattonharry's concern, nevertheless it is a choice. Save or not is only a click and a free choice.

It does suggest that in my case (Word 2000 and Win 2000) something has changed to produce a challenge on closing SOME files,.... not all but some.

  Diemmess 18:30 28 Jun 2005

Tried your link but no joy - I couldn't find the tab I needed. Probably because I am using Word 2000

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