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  maz2 22:34 18 Apr 2005

My cousin had just been on the phone and tells me that while using Word the other day she must have pressed something on the keyboard and now has full stops appearing between every word she types also something that looks like a backward letter p between every paragraph. Any ideas anyone I havent a clue as I hardly ever use the programme, it's probably something quite simple but I can't help her so I'm hoping somebody will give me an idea Thanks

  VoG II 22:39 18 Apr 2005

Tools/Options, View tab, Untick the formatting characters boxes.

  Taff36 22:48 18 Apr 2005

Or on the toolbar click the "backward looking P" icon - It`s usually next to the % zoom box. Incidentally all these charecters are "non-printing". This toggle is useful to be able to see carriage returns, spaces between words, tabs etc. Particularly when you are working on a long document or trying to format a document.

  pj123 23:04 18 Apr 2005

Nothing wrong. The fullstop between each word means she just pressed the Space bar. The backward p means she pressed the Return key.

As VoG™ says she has activated "Show all Characters"

Depending on the version of Word she has there may be an icon underneath the Menu bar that shows the backward p. Just click on it and it will hide/show the characters. If not, there may be a chevron (>>) with a drop down menu. Click on that and select the Backward P.

  maz2 23:46 18 Apr 2005

Thanks a lot for your help I don't use word so I didn't have a clue, but she's sorted it out now and you've helped me because if it does happen again at least I know what to do Thanks once again

  DieSse 01:27 19 Apr 2005

"on the toolbar click the "backward looking P" icon"

  Taff36 07:20 19 Apr 2005

I think what he meant to say is - now tick the resolved box! (Or did VoG say that as well pj123 !)

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