Microsoft VM & Sun VM

  kentylad 13:25 09 Oct 2003

I currently have the Sun version of the Java VM, however I am required to run a web based applet which for some apparent reason; conflicts with this runtime. I have just this minute downloaded the Microsoft VM as I am told the applet works with this.

If I were to install the Microsoft VM, would it conflict with the Sun version? I assume I would have to select a default version?

Or should I just uninstall the Sun version and run the MS version?



  kentylad 15:37 09 Oct 2003


  anchor 15:59 09 Oct 2003

I know that the Sun version of Java and Microsoft Virtual Machine are not quite the same.

I only run the Microsoft version and never had any problems viewing any Java site. I did try the Sun version some months ago, and it gave me problems. I would suggest removing the Sun version, (I believe this can be done via the add/remove programmes in Control Panel), and installing the MS version.

You may need to enable "JIT compiler for virtual machine" in Internet Explorer, tools, Internet options/advanced.

  bill sykes 16:18 09 Oct 2003

... Although I had MVM installed by default, I downloaded and installed the latest Sun version some time ago because a program required it. The two versions have coexisted happily without any trouble. No settings had to be altered, at least in my case (WinXP). Good Luck..

  kentylad 18:31 09 Oct 2003

I have removed the Sun version, installed the MS version and all is hunky doory.

Doesn't make sense that the founders of the java language cant get a runtime to work for all applets written in their own language....


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