Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x86 .....

  TonyV 16:30 18 Jul 2011

I have several versions of the above, nine in fact, installed on my Win 7 64 bit machine. Some versions have a KB number added, others do not but have 9.0.30729.and other numbers added. What is it and can I get rid of them leaving only the latest version, which ever one that may be?



  Housten 19:47 18 Jul 2011


If you look on this forum you should spot my query about deleting unwanted programmes and if you look at the replies the answer to your query is there.

  TonyV 20:05 18 Jul 2011


I've had a look and see that you deleted all of yours except the latest one. As a matter of interest, how did you determine which was the latest copy? I have Revo Pro uninstaller and it is difficult to see which is the latest one! I also notice mine include some copies that relate to x64 and x86, whatever that means.

It would be nice that if the updates come throu' the Microsoft update facility, the old versions were deleted at the time of the update, but I suppose that is asking too much!!



  birdface 20:21 18 Jul 2011

I would leave them in case that they are needed.

I have 10 in add remove using W/7 64bit.

Removing the wrong ones could cause problems so best waiting for other advice.

  TonyV 20:32 18 Jul 2011


Will do.



  Zeppelyn 21:18 18 Jul 2011

Leave them alone, although you are running x64 Windows some programs will need the x86 (32 bit)version.

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