Microsoft Vista Release Candidate 1

  Splodge 15:54 10 Sep 2006

Hi all,
When you go to work tomorrow, you may receive an e-mail from Microsoft giving you the option to update your Vista beta to RS 1.

I have had the Vista beta on since the beginning of the testing period. I have Pentium 4, 200Gb HD and 1Gb DDR2 RAM. It took over 5 hours! In the process, having followed every instruction, using the Upgrade Advisor to ensure my installation was suitable AND deleting Nero because it has a conflict it F A I L E D. With the last few minutes left to install it found an error!

Under the circumstances, and, since it did not specify what the error was, I think I will wait until I buy my next computer with it already installed before I look at it again.

On the other hand I like the Office Professional 2007 beta and will buy as soon as the offer, at the reduced rate I presume, is made!

I know it self installs, largely, but you will need to keep an eye on it so...bon chance!

  mr gee 17:56 10 Sep 2006

I am having a very similar problem had a said in my later thread ---looks like RC1 is very fussy the computer it goes on but it would be nice if the error message as least told us why it failed!!

  Splodge 18:15 10 Sep 2006

Thanks for your reply; nice to know I am not alone!

Having said that, I do not intend to pursue it any more. To be honest I have lots of programs, they all work and as I have a back-up drive, updated weekly, I really do not need the aggro!

Also. I find the latest XP has been steadily updated and I think without our realising it many of the updates solve our previous problems.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

I also have a fee program " called Sidebar which mimics the Vista sidebar. It is at

click here

  Splodge 08:03 11 Sep 2006

An overnight thought!

You could try a clean install!

You might also like to try Magentic at;

click here

It gives you FREE the most beatiful wallpapers and remarkable screensavers! (unfortunately it is also not accepted by Vista)!

  Splodge 12:55 11 Sep 2006

Sure enough "Clean Install" works, but I hate it even though it was quick! Also it retains your previous documents.

Everything has to be re-installed and I like to look at my C drive and work down. I couldn't find it once I re-booted.. it just does not display. Also, you should copy your files to the new area before you log off, because they then appear to disappear for good!

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