Microsoft updates – or not?

  Housten 14:23 11 May 2011

Good afternoon All,

I have had a couple of odd experiences closing down last night and booting up this morning! I have windows 7 home premium and only update when I decide, not when the Great Satan ( sometimes known as Microsoft ) decides, I thought.

When shutting down last night instead of switching of a notice appeared which said that ‘operations’ were being carried out, not to switch off the computer and ‘the machine’ will switch off when these are completed. I did not download any updates yesterday and have no idea what was going on. I booted up this morning and first thing I did was to look at the history of updates. The last one was on 6th May! So I am totally confused as to what these ‘operations’ were. Does anyone have any idea? Being as I was looking at the updates I decided to check up if there were any ( as yesterday was second Tuesday of the month ). There were only 8 listed and these amounted to 14.3MB, whereas a program I have that checks internet usage ( very useful ) gave the impression that what was downloaded was only just over 11MB – a bit odd! Anyway after these downloads had completed their installation I was told that computer needed to re-started. I was told not to switch the computer off whist it was being configured, it then shut down and I was again informed not to switch off the computer whilst configuring was taking place! After a few seconds it said ‘shutting down’ and re-booted and went through the whole procedure again!! I have downloaded many, many updates but have never had a double re-boot!! Does anyone have an idea why this should have happened and, more importantly, why?

  Zeppelyn 15:19 11 May 2011

Same happened to me, half way through installing updates, a message popped up saying shutting down, it then carried on installing updates and booted to desktop. Nothing sinister, these updates were a little different in that the fix problems installing updates, particulatly SP1. The other was a USB update where Windows incorrectly identifies your hubs/ports as 1.1 rather than USB 2.0.

  ventanas 15:27 11 May 2011

It seems the reason it rebooted twice (mine did the same) is that one of the updates needs to be on before the others (there was some reference to this in the update screen, but I didn't read it properly. I have assumed that it put all the updates on, rebooted and finished the one referred to, and then rebooted again to sort the others. After the second reboot all five were on.

It actually did this last time I had updates as well. Has been happening since SP1.

  Condom 20:27 11 May 2011

yesterdays updates were installed in 2 sections which is not that unusual annoying as it may be. It is after all only a few minutes once a month and I can certainly live with that to keep my PC's up to date.

  Housten 10:01 12 May 2011


Many thanks for your replies.

Condom, all I will say to you is that you are very lucky! I, on average, get about 3 or 4 sets of updates every week ( although I have NOT actually counted them - but could if you wanted verification! ). As for taking 'only a few minutes once a month' this is a hope of mine but, I am convinced, one that will never happen!!

I would mark this as resolved, if I knew how to!!

  Condom 11:07 12 May 2011

Housten If you are getting 3 or 4 sets of updates every week then it would appear that you might have something wrong with your PC. As far as I am aware Microsoft only issues its MSE Virus program with daily updates (Which would be what you would expect from such a program and that update does not require a reboot). With the other updates you have a choice of getting them once a month (Second Tuesday) or as they appear which might be a few days before the second Tuesday. Why you are getting 3 or 4 sets of updates every week I have no idea as most months Microsoft only posts single figure updates.

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