Microsoft updates and Installing

  driving man 01:38 15 Nov 2005

Recently my automatic updates downloaded many files but 3 of them could or would not install at all' I tried many ways (as administrator -just in case ) but no go. On trying to install a warning popped up saying these files cannot be installed. I used the files numbers (eg KB896688 ) to access microsofts site downloaded them individually and installed them with no problem.
Question is why didn't they install the first time when all the other files did

  Taff™ 08:04 15 Nov 2005

One of life`s little mysteries?

  Taff™ 08:17 15 Nov 2005

click here for more practical comments mate! (Can`t find the more recent thread on the forum - someone else had this problem last week as I said.

  driving man 15:02 15 Nov 2005

Taff good useful page but no help in this case

  driving man 01:46 16 Nov 2005

JT thanks for your thoughts but they didnt help Please next time use the forum as a contact.Best wishes from bev

  waveneyweb 12:08 17 Nov 2005

Is these any solution available that works. I've had this problem with update KB896688 for weeks.
It downloads, but is unable to install.

  driving man 16:18 17 Nov 2005

all I can say Waveneneyweb is to do as I did and instore them manually ----why automatic doesnt work on this download I dont know as many others do download

  waveneyweb 15:53 18 Nov 2005

I've tried that & now none of the updates since that one will install!!!!

  BurrWalnut 16:56 18 Nov 2005

It could be the firewall is blocking the download otherwise check if the BITS (background intelligent transfer service) service has been corrupted
click here

  Stuartli 17:05 18 Nov 2005

There are certain occasions when Windows installs such updates when you Turn Off your system.

A notice comes up warning that the installation(s) are being done and you should wait until they are completed before shutting down.

It might/could be the reason for your problem.

  driving man 19:47 18 Nov 2005

Stuartli, not in this case --- there were a whole lot of updates as I had just reset to factory settings and all except 3 went in. It was only by luck that I realised I could do them individually and not use auto

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