Microsoft Updates go On Forever

  thumbscrew 18:52 18 Apr 2015

Well,in my case they seem too, I've a regular never ending supply of the damn things....and all too often they play havoc with my machine...the polar opposite of what they are supposed to do methinks! Here's an example, I downloaded a whole bunch a few days ago and this time they didn't seem to do too much harm, phew got away with it this month. However, Microsoft weren't finished, a few more reared their heads this morning and for a finale there were two more this afternoon. Incredibly though, a few minutes after finishing them, another two appeared which I also installed. Updates on top of updates! Can anyone explain what the hell's going on?

  AcerRacer5 19:33 18 Apr 2015

Thumbscrew,the important updates are marked "security" updates and are the ones that you should really keep on top of.It sounds to me like you have either missed out a SERVICE PACK download or you have recently done a windows re-install ? which would lead to those updates keep coming in as you say you are getting.

You can turn off auto update in your settings if needed (not ideal) and do a manual update every few weeks or so.But be advised if you do that you will keep getting reminded that auto update is off and can be just as annoying as the constant stream of updates you get.

The other thing to do is set aside a few hours and just keep checking and adding the updates in one hit and get them cleared,then you can have a clean slate for a while.

What OS are you using ?

  thumbscrew 20:58 18 Apr 2015

Thanks Acer, negative, not missed anything and it's Windows 7. Re clean slate, I've got to that stage many times, but still they reappear just like today when I had two then ditto. Cheers though amigo.

  AcerRacer5 21:59 18 Apr 2015

You are most welcome thumbscrew,i have just had a chat with a mate of mine who is more versed in windows 7 than myself and he may have some useful info that could help.Apparently there was an official microsoft glitch that happened a while back where one of their own updates caused a problem that led to all updates received afterwards to not download and install properly ( and thus you get the same updates keep coming in even after you think you have downloaded and installed them ).My friend sent me a link to pass onto you that explains in more detail and shows how to resolve the issue.

Here is the link

click here - If you make a note of exactly what the updates are before you install them and check against the next set of updates that come in you will most probably see they are the same updates ( that are obviously not installing properly )



  thumbscrew 22:33 18 Apr 2015

Oh that's brilliant Acer....solves and answers my question. Grateful thanks pal, have a good weekend.

  AcerRacer5 10:56 19 Apr 2015

thumbscrew,im really pleased to hear that may have solved the issue for you :-) and will help others with the same problem.It would be useful if you pop back on here in say a months time to confirm it has been a permanent fix.


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