Microsoft Updates- Do we need them.

  Terry Brown 19:10 16 Sep 2011

I was asked the other day about updating the microsoft software, which I do when it is asked for, is it really necessary as with a Firewall and Anti-virus most problems should be stopped.

Do you download and install all Microsoft updates or do you pick the ones you think are necessary?


  ams4127 19:22 16 Sep 2011

Personally, I download and install everything. I work on the principle that Microsoft know an awful lot more about their OS and software than I do, and if they think an update is necessary, then it probably is. Keeping things updated may also contribute to the fact that I have never had a system crash since the days of MsDos.

  onthelimit1 19:30 16 Sep 2011

Ditto - I'm set to auto install, so everything downloads and installs automatically.

  rdave13 19:37 16 Sep 2011

I let Microsoft inform me of updates and will select which ones to install.

I sometimes wonder if the SPs are worth it but .Net etc are in my humble opinion.

  Woolwell 22:10 16 Sep 2011

Same as onthelimit1.

  Terry Brown 09:53 17 Sep 2011

I will continue to update, but as for my friend (who asked the question), that is his choice, but it makes you wonder, is Microsoft software so 'buggy' that it requres constant repairs or are the 'hackers etc' getting more clever.

AMS 4127-- You sound like a person after my own heart as I started in 1980, the the Sharp computer (No harddrive, load operating system from tape every time, and write your own software as you wanted it.

Yes;I have had a few crashes, but I think that is par for the course and for you never to had a crash must be very rare.


  David4637 13:08 21 Sep 2011

I have NEVER updated any OS in 15 years ie, W98SE, XP, or W7, on the basis that if it is working well, don' try to fix it. NEVER had a virus, don't use Antivirus SW. Only go to good web sites, dont open email attachments. THE ABOVE STATEMENT SHOULD GET YOU GOING. David

  Woolwell 13:11 21 Sep 2011

David4637 - You have been very lucky and in my opinion unwise not to have anti-virus. OS are frequently updated for security reasons. They work well before the update but could and can be exploited to gain access. These patches aim to stop the vulnerabilities.

  gengiscant 14:09 21 Sep 2011

It is certainly not necessary to install all updates, but therein lies a quandary as most us us will not be able to pick which ones are necessary and which ones are not.

I personally do not install everything that Microsoft deems I should, yes it does know more about their OS than I do, but they can also produce some absolute howlers as far as software is concerned.

So I tend to update when I happen upon someone else mention that there are a lot of updates, so maybe once a month or longer works for me.

  gigagiggles 19:20 21 Sep 2011

Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of every month, is typically when Microsoft issues security patches to its products. That is when I usually check to see what's on offer. Last week, what was applicable for my system were two security patches, both related to the certificate revocations mentioned in the news for a few weeks, and a minor bug fix.

Since I stay informed by visiting PC forums, anything outstanding will engender a visit to Windows Update. As with the certificate revocations, Microsoft will often stick with the timetable, but not always.

With Windows Update, I do check to see if the fix is truly applicable, such as time zones and languages.

  woodchip 20:50 21 Sep 2011

Its up to you about installing them, I do them Manual so I choose the ones I want. They can cause Problems on a PC or Laptop after they are loaded. But using the Internet without AV is just asking for it

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