Microsoft Updates Advisory Problems!

  spuds 12:36 13 Jul 2006

I wonder if anyone are having a similar problem with Microsoft automatic updates information!.

Over the weekend, I kept being informed that the WGA download was available, and would I like to download it and install it on the computer. Strange really, as the WGA was installed on initial release, and it shows as such, in add/remove and program files.Just to make sure, I re-downloaded and let the computer deal with the possible re-install. Would add that I thought, this 'new upgrade', was the revised version of WGA, which I understand is being issued by Microsoft, due to pending court actions and complaints.

Today, I had an automatic download advice, that another upgrade was available for Windows Defender. Checking the 'upgrade', it would appear as this refers to beta 2, which is already installed on the computer, and seems to be functioning perfectly.Is there a beta 3 now?.

Simple question, what is going on, as all this seems to have appeared since the WGA advisory warning.I could be very wrong, but it seems very strange. Would add, that the Defender 'upgrade' icon is still showing in the toolbar tray, and appears to not want to go away.

  anskyber 17:54 13 Jul 2006

Beginning to feel sorry for you spuds with no reply! As far as I can see there is only Windows Defender in Beta 2 not 3. I have "signed up" with MS for various newsletters which have proved to be very useful. PCA seems to be a day or two ahead of the game but the differing MS newsletters are useful reminders.

If it helps (probably not) I have had a recent WGA "upgrade" but to date I have not suffered any "strange" events.

  anskyber 17:57 13 Jul 2006
  anskyber 18:05 13 Jul 2006

Finally, rather curious, I checked my Windows update history. The last WGA for me was 6th July KB905474. I have others dated 31st May and 24th May.

  spuds 18:43 13 Jul 2006

anskyber, thanks for the 'singular' response :O)

This is strange, regarding updates and history, hence my question. Just wondering if anyone else is having similar events.

I know Microsoft were/are issuing a new WGA or download patch, which apparently will reduce and refine the 'call home' issues.And this was going to be a possible 'priority' release.

The Microsoft advisory icon, is still suggesting that I should download the Defender 'new upgrade' from beta 2 to beta 2. Yet Defender 2 appears to be working quite well in the background :O(

  McSquibb 18:49 13 Jul 2006

WGA did not download automatically on my computer so I tried to download it this morning - When trying to install it I got the message 'Installation information data unavailable'.

I have contacted MS about this and of course being MS they decline any responsibility and are totally unable to advise me where to go from here.

Can anyone advise please?

  namtas 19:04 13 Jul 2006

I have had this re-install of WGA on two PC's it must be a upgrade. Or the original maybe had a problem.

  spuds 09:57 14 Jul 2006

Further to the above problem, I have also now noticed that since the above started, I now get a blue screen crash when trying to do an Ewido scan. The problem is highlighted in another thread that I have commenced in the Helproom click here

  spuds 11:27 15 Jul 2006

This is getting silly. Still being told to download Microsoft Defender Beta2.

The download that is suppose to be the new update is called Beta2 x86. Can anyone confirm the x86!.

  vinnyT 15:22 15 Jul 2006

Had similar prob to you, after the tues updates, defender icon was flagged for updated sware (even though I had the beta 2). Left it for a couple of days to see if MS released a fix, no change.

I didn't, however, have the other probs you have with ewido, spywareblaster, etc.

I downloaded Defender from the MS site (exact same as the one I had dl months ago), uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, it dl latest updates from web quick scan, sorted.

Don't know if it would sort your problem out, but may be worth trying.

Hope this helps.

  Pine Man 15:54 15 Jul 2006

I received the notification of an update to Defender (Beta2x86) and checked it out and it is the very latest version. I have downloaded it and a new set of definitions and its ok.

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