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  bingbong 00:55 30 Mar 2004

I seem to have a problem with my ME update sequence. I manually check with the web site and always it comes up with the same security update for IE V6.0 available. Having followed the update sequence I get the message that it has successfully downloaded and then goes off to install. Every time this fails stating one or more components do not exist and the message stays there through reboots until I cancel.

Going back to the update site the history shows multiple succesful downloads of this patch yet it still keeps putting it up for download to be carried out.

Any ideas how to a) delete it from my update options. b) get the darn thing to install or update correctly.

Any help on this would be appreciated ~ thanks

  hugh-265156 01:26 30 Mar 2004

using the search box click here came up with

click here

click here

and quite a lot more similar.

what is the kb number of the update? type it into the searchKB box above maybe and install it manually.

try deleting your internet explorer temp files and reinstall maybe and re install it.

try installing it from click here if its listed maybe

  bingbong 18:23 30 Mar 2004

Thanks Huggy, will try out your suggestions soonest.

  GaT7 18:54 30 Mar 2004

I. To confirm whether the particular update has installed correctly or not: download, install & run Belarc Advisor - click here. Check the report you get. Hotfixes/patches that have not installed will not show up at all, if they've installed correctly they will have a 'verifies correctly' tag & if installed incorrectly will have a 'fails verification' tag.

II. To configure Windows Update for your computer:

1. Go to the Windows update site - click here

2. In the Windows Update pane on the left, click on Personalize Windows Update (under Other Options)

3. In the right pane, uncheck the box next to the Internet Explorer update in question. Click on Save Settings (upper right corner). That particular update will not show up again when you scan for updates.

  bingbong 19:55 30 Mar 2004

I tried as you suggested but in the right hand pane I do not have the option for IE alone. Only for Windows Catalogue, Critical updates (.NET) and Multi language support.

  GaT7 23:40 30 Mar 2004

bingbong - sorry for the belated response. Only just gone online again.

Is the IE update in question showing up again when you scan for updates? If the IE update in question is NOT showing up then your initial problem with it seems to have sorted itself out.

Similarly, if it's NOT showing up after you scan it will also (for obvious reasons) not display in the Personalize... section.

What did the Belarc report indicate? Did the IE update in question install correctly (or not)?

[From your reply you seemed to have worked this out for yourself: in my instructions above I forgot to add (between steps 2 & 3) that you needed to click the 'scan for updates' button after clicking Personalize Windows Update. This would then present you with the options I described in step 3 of my previous post. My apologies for the missing step!]

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