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  ruthcruet 16:03 05 May 2006

Can anyone give me some advice.I have a Windows XP Pro,it was given to me as a presant so as far as I know it is not registered with Microsoft{or so it tels me when I try to download anything from them} BUT I keep getting updates send to me from them, up to now I have just loaded them,what I am trying to say is do I have to do this as I must have tons of them upto now and have no idea what they are for. As you may have realised by now is that I am quite new to computers so if I get rid of all these updates will it effect the computer???

  Jackcoms 16:06 05 May 2006

Yes, you do need them.

Simplistically, they help Windows to run better and improve its security.

  Jackcoms 16:21 05 May 2006

I see you've ticked this thread as resolved.

I think the phrase you're now looking to post is "thank you".

  ruthcruet 19:18 06 May 2006

Sorry I did not send the thank you, so I am saying it now, thank you very much for your help it was greatly appreciated. But just after your email I got an update sent via Microsoft to update,well I clicked on the update but seem to have now got a blue star on my lower task bar and a message when I log on to say that I have a counterfiete copy of Microsoft???? is there any way I can get rid of this, or at least stop it from showing up every time I log on.Once again let me appologise for not saying thank you

  Arnie 19:35 06 May 2006

a hologram? The shiny reflective picture effect, something like that on the realm's banknotes.

Was it in a sealed box?

  Arnie 19:43 06 May 2006

Windows Validation Assistant.

click here

  ruthcruet 20:08 06 May 2006

Thank you all for your advice, but I do not have a CD for the set up of windows, the pc was a gift and it came with nothing[not a genuine microsoft set up] so not a lot I can do, and as I am a pensioner I can not realy afford to purchas a ganuine copy.

  ruthcruet 11:07 07 May 2006

THANK's to every one for your help.But have now sorted it, so in case anyone else has the same problem this is what I did.I first went into updates, turned off the notification button then did a system restore.Problem solved, If you turn the updates on again it will just re-load it, so have decided the best solution is for me to chech for updates manually.thank you all for your help

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