Microsoft update incessant bombardment irritation

  compumac 20:16 26 Sep 2017

Can anyone advise as to how to stop Microsoft continually displaying on the screen about an update with options to do it now tomorrow or after restart. I press ESC and it goes away to be replaced by the box suggesting a time and date and I keep changing the check box to Off. I have some very complex Excel spreadsheets that require a lot of concentration and this continual bombardment is very irritating.

  compumac 09:41 29 Sep 2017


I had already run SFC to no avail.

I think that you have hit the nail on the head - IBM Trusteer Rapport!

Might be early days as I have just installed Rapport - BUT Edge came on instantly. The odd thing about this was that I was telling a friend a few weeks ago when he had problems with accessing the internet to see if removing Rapport helped (it didn't in his case).

Looks like I knew a possible solution but did not think to follow my own advice!

Thanks for that.

  compumac 10:00 29 Sep 2017

On IBM website

Please note that some recent versions of Trusteer Endpoint Protection prevent Microsoft Edge from loading correctly: Edge opens a blank window and then closes after a few seconds

  compumac 10:34 29 Sep 2017

Might be early days as I have just installed Rapport - BUT Edge came on instantly

For installed read UNINSTALLED.

There does not appear to be any constructive advice from IBM in respect of reinstalling and being protected whilst using Edge. It would seem protection is in evidence if using IE!

  wee eddie 10:43 29 Sep 2017

My Bank recommends Trusteer most strongly.

Over the years I have installed it on different PCs and then uninstalled it after a short period.

It may, or may not, be good at its job but it has hamstrung all the PCs that I have put it on. I'm afraid that I rely on Kaspersky to cover my back

  qwbos 01:28 30 Sep 2017


Glad you got it sorted. When I saw the reference to Trusteer, it rang a bell. I'm sure it's been mentioned on here before in connection with PC problems, but I can't remember specifics.

  qwbos 01:30 30 Sep 2017

As an afterthought, I did a forum search for Trusteer. Looks like it's been causing problems for a long time.

  bumpkin 12:53 05 Jan 2018

Thanks all, I shall give it a miss for now.

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