Microsoft update incessant bombardment irritation

  compumac 20:16 26 Sep 2017

Can anyone advise as to how to stop Microsoft continually displaying on the screen about an update with options to do it now tomorrow or after restart. I press ESC and it goes away to be replaced by the box suggesting a time and date and I keep changing the check box to Off. I have some very complex Excel spreadsheets that require a lot of concentration and this continual bombardment is very irritating.

  qwbos 20:51 26 Sep 2017

The obvious answer, assuming it's genuine Microsoft and not some form of malware, would be to set a time when you won't be knee deep in Excel, and let it do its update.

  Forum Editor 22:18 26 Sep 2017

It's nagging you for good reason. Why not do as qwbos suggests, and put an end to the irritation?

  compumac 08:33 27 Sep 2017

I totally accept that the answer is to update and indeed I will, but it is like your next door neighbour CONTINUALLY nagging you WITHOUT ANY LET UP at all to do something that you may or may not wish to do and if you did - at a time when it is more convenient.

  wee eddie 08:45 27 Sep 2017

You mean you haven't done it already. Did you not take a break last night, have a meal or even a coffee break?

Methinks he doth protest too much

  compumac 09:01 27 Sep 2017

wee eddie

Noted - but should not the choice be mine and not Microsofts.

  hssutton 09:53 27 Sep 2017

I guess you go to bed at night, if so let it update while you are sleeping. That's what I've done for the latest updates.

  compumac 10:15 27 Sep 2017

Perhaps I should have said earlier that during August I was working on these spreadsheets when I did get a dialogue box to update Microsoft. I allowed that to go ahead at the time (after creating Acronis images) I then had tremendous problems with the PC where some programmes would not start and some websites would not open. One of the programmes affected was Excel and I lost all of the data. Fortunately all my data was/is backed up in a number of different places and I was able to recover the situation by using the Acronis image and I was back up to working again. Perhaps you may understand why I wish to complete what I need to do and choose as to when I want the update to take place rather than be dictated to by Microsoft.

  Forum Editor 16:48 27 Sep 2017

"should not the choice be mine and not Microsofts."

Absolutely, and it is.

Surely the nagging that you complain of isn't that bad, is it? You get an option to do the update at another time, or another day, so I really don't see the problem.

In all my time with the forums, I think this is the first time I've ever seen this complaint.

As for data loss, I've never experienced it in that context. When working with Microsoft Office, the auto-save is there to safeguard against such a scenario - you can set it to save your work at whatever interval you choose: every 10 minutes, for instance. I use Office 365, and that automatically saves my work to Microsoft's OneDrive cloud in real time. Whatever happens to or on my computer, my files are in one of the safest locations there is.

  compumac 16:57 27 Sep 2017

FE The nagging was coming up every ten minutes or so. I have changed the date twice but it still comes up frequently during the day, - though oddly enough I has not appeared since 08.00 this morning?

  compumac 16:59 27 Sep 2017


I should have reiterated that all of my data is perfectly(?) safe.

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