Microsoft unavailable ?

  johno 00:13 11 Jun 2005

Over the past couple of days My MSN has been unavailable on my PC. Its my home page & just doesn't load, in fact anything to do with Microsoft doesn't load. I use Mozilla most of the time & cannot see it here. Explorer however is exactly the same. I can view any other website on both programs. My ISP is AOL & on here I can view ANY website. I use XP SP2, have not loaded any programs, carried out any mods or upgraded any software in months. THis started about a week a ago. I have no viruses & have run every spyware prog I have (Adaware, Microsoft, Spybot) & nothing found. My works laptop which sits 2 ft away using explorer can get to My MSN fine. Can anyone offer any suggestions as I have run out of ideas.

Thanks John

  kyprosman 00:19 11 Jun 2005

Had similar prob last week, It's MSN supposedly upgrading there security (Yeah) but now everything is ok at my end now.Andy

  johno 00:26 11 Jun 2005

Hi Andy

HOw long did it continue & how did you resolve. Its getting annoying now. Thanks John

  kyprosman 00:36 11 Jun 2005

I had to re register my .NET Passport and use another password. Andy

  kyprosman 00:42 11 Jun 2005

Or you can try this..........
From MSN Groups Tech Support-

Regarding the problem you have encountered with Signing In to MSN Groups, we would suggest that you clear your cache and delete your cookies. This can be done by following the simple steps we have outlined for you below, which can be done offline.

To clear your cache:

If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0 or earlier, you can:
1. Click "View" on the browser menu bar and then click on "Internet Options."
2. Under the General tab, select "Settings" in the "Temporary Internet Files" section,
3. Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages," ensure that "Never" is not marked
4. Check either "Every visit to the page" or "Every time you start MS Internet Explorer."
5. Click on "Delete Files" under the Temporary Internet Files section as well.

If you're using IE 5.0 or later, click "Tools" on your browser menu bar and then "Internet Options," before following steps 2 to 5 above.

To delete your cookies:

1. Click on "Tools".
2. Choose "Internet Options".

3. Under "General" tab, click on "Settings".
4. Click on "View Files".
5. Delete everything.
6. Click "Ok".

Restart your system.

Another common MSN Groups 'Sign In' nuisance:

You have checked the box Sign me in automatically, but the next time you visit groups and hit the Sign In button, up pops the Net Passport 'Sign In' box again, asking you for your eMail address and password!

TIP: Never press the 'Sign Out' button! (Still not 100% reliable, but seems to work most of the time....)

  johno 10:44 11 Jun 2005

Its driving me insane. I have just run all spyware again. Uninstalled Firefox, ran internet cleanup programs, deleted every cookie & temp file & still can't get to microsoft sites. Everything works fine on AOL but not IE or Firefox. Thanks in advance. John

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