on microsoft site 4 critical updates also

  frankie 21:08 14 Dec 2004

on microsoft site 4 critical updates also had another avg update today go get em peeps

  jolorna 21:22 14 Dec 2004

cheers for that

  CurlyWhirly 21:37 14 Dec 2004

Thanks. I just downloaded the 4 critical updates.
I don't have AVG though so I will leave that one!

  rômanab 21:56 14 Dec 2004

Just got 'em


  Buchan 35 22:02 14 Dec 2004

frankie, could you give me a link to microsoft 4, or do I just type that into my browser?

  frankie 22:23 14 Dec 2004

hi just go to click here should get you there or start then all programs windows update should be in there thats on xp pro any probs get back

  dan 11 22:40 14 Dec 2004

Notification just poped up in my sys tray, have downloaded. Thanks.

  Buchan 35 22:55 14 Dec 2004

frankie, thanks a lot. Done and dusted. Might be interested to hear that I visited Windows Updates less than 5 mins before I saw your post, and I think it was the terminology that made me respond. Glad I did, because I was told there were no critical updates. Thanks mate.

  frankie 23:00 14 Dec 2004

no probs,sure you,ll post when you get something good, top site, top peeps, cheers.

  dagwoood 01:34 15 Dec 2004

Cheers frankie.


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