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Microsoft Security Essentials always wanting to scan.

  Bald Eagle 12:05 16 Jun 2012

Running Windows Vista Home Edition and MSE for years with no problems. However, for the last month or so MSE keeps saying that I'm potentially unprotected and a scan needs doing. This is now happening every other day. Is it worthwhile removing it and re downloading?

  spuds 13:10 16 Jun 2012

Interesting question, because I have just downloaded MSE on W7.

If I recall rightly, there are tick boxes within MSE that requires an input of required actions like regular scan checks or downloads etc. Perhaps one of these boxes have become unticked or similar?.

  Bald Eagle 13:23 16 Jun 2012

That is another thing, it is set up to scan every Tuesday at 03.00. It has stopped doing this. Everything that should be ticked is ticked. When I posted the original question here I initiated a quick scan. It was completed with no problems found. As I sat reading spuds reply the tray icon changed to yellow and said I hadn't done a scan recently! Will bite the bullet and remove and re download.

  Nontek 13:24 16 Jun 2012

I too use MSE on Win7, no problems at all, just a very occasional request to Scan.

I don't know if re-installing will make a difference, but I guess it would do no harm.

  Bald Eagle 17:23 16 Jun 2012

Reloaded it so will be interested to see what happens now.

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