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  Bald Eagle 10:20 19 Jul 2011

Running Vista Home Basic. Since the last lot of Microsoft updates 13/7 every time I turn on my computer the MSE icon on the systray has turned orange and I get the warning that I'm at risk because it's not done a scan for days. The only way to get it back to green is to do a scan and even though I select quick scan it ALWAYS does a FULL scan. The auto scan is set for 14.00 on Tuesdays. Any ideas how to get back to normal?

  birdface 10:27 19 Jul 2011

[The auto scan is set for 14.00 on Tuesdays.]

Obviously if the computer is not switched on at the time it will not scan.

Maybe best running it manually or remove it completely and then install it again.

  gengiscant 10:31 19 Jul 2011

Just go into setting and switch off 'run a scheduled scan on my computer (recommended)then just run a quick scan every so often and a full scan once a month.

  mooly 11:23 19 Jul 2011

The icon shouldn't turn orange even if a scan hasn't happened for quite a few days...

Another thought... is the clock correct (one in the bios too)?

The fact is does a full scan even when quick scan is selected is odd. A quick scan takes minutes (on mine anyway) but a full scan be over an hour.

  jolorna 12:36 19 Jul 2011
  Bald Eagle 13:05 19 Jul 2011

Been away for a few hours leaving a quick scan running. Come back, scan finished but icon orange again! Followed jolorna's link and followed the advice there. Will now run another quick scan. Will be away for quite awhile then because taking Kangoo for new brakes to be fitted and in France they never rush!

  birdface 13:13 19 Jul 2011

probably not this that you have.

Even if not I would give Malwarebytes a run just to see if it finds any problems.

  Bald Eagle 18:56 19 Jul 2011

Have removed MSE, didn't know you could do this, run CCleaner registry cleaner and reloaded MSE from Microsoft after buteman's posting. Now back to normal. Thanks everyone.

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