Microsoft Security Essentials

  thumbscrew 19:49 27 Mar 2010

I've just installed MSE and I'm perturbed by the Microsoft Spynet section. This sends software information to them and..."In some cases personal information might unintentionally be sent". Anyone any views?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:52 27 Mar 2010

Microsoft are not spying on you and to be truthful you will have nothing of interest to them. Get 'perturbed' about the possibililty of someone trying to break into your car - your personal life and data is of no interest to anyone. Use the programme as it is excellent and will protect you for nothing.


  thumbscrew 20:16 27 Mar 2010

Thanks Gandalf. What if my personal data they received contained my internet bank details?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:32 27 Mar 2010

It won't

it will be your IP address and what you were connected to at the tome of acquiring the infection.

  thumbscrew 21:27 27 Mar 2010

Thanks too Fruit Bat: so, am I correct in assuming that say, if someone over 21 was watching a perfectly legal "Adult" production, for the purposes of biological research? Let's say that this person was producing a thesis to complete a degree course and said thesis contained certain images which, if viewed without specialised knowledge, could be miscontrued by said viewer...hereafter known as the party of the first being an image that he/she would possibly be reluctant to expose his grandmother to......then am I correct in thinking that is something that the MSE invigilators would determine is innocuous enough not to be referred to a higher authority?

  onionskin 22:22 27 Mar 2010

You mean, like Pete Townshend's book?

  rdave13 22:33 27 Mar 2010

For heaven's sake if you want to watch porn then do so. If streaming porn takes you over your allowed monthly quota then pay for the extra GBs.
I've tried Red Tube and got bored, as most porn sites, get very tiring...8-0.
Waste of time, in my humble opinion, rather live in the real world.

  thumbscrew 22:35 27 Mar 2010

Onionskin, at last I've found a fellow traveller. Someone who (And me ...Pete too), is incensed when, work that requires research is people with immature and evil minds....outrageous and perverted. Mr Townshend was engaged in a project that necessitated he download images of a graphic and debatable nature for, as you correctly state, to use in research to add concise details to a book he was compiling. That book...a follow up to Alice In Wonderland...may now never be seen. I ask you!!!????

  ame 22:43 27 Mar 2010

PC Advisor - the clue is in the title.

  rdave13 22:56 27 Mar 2010

Different kettle of fish here. For me it's a disgusting field to study. That should be up to the Police.
Pete Townshend's book?
What book that will never be seen?
Getting a bit peeved off here if it involves children.
Have five of my own and any thought of 'studying' perverted sexual abuse of children turns my blood cold.
I certainly don't have an immature or evil mind but your context of 'research' leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:59 27 Mar 2010

MS aren't looking at what you're looking at just the address where it came from.

If lots of infections come from the same set of servers then MSE may then block those servers - you'll have to do you're "research" elsewhere.

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