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  Coffe_King 19:12 05 Sep 2003

Is there a way to play two videos at the same time on a powerpoint slide? I need two videos to play at either side of the slide for a waterfall effect. There is text in the middle. I want both videos to me in sync and start and stop at the same time. Is there a way of doing this? I set the other video to Start With Perevious in Custom Animation but the videos are about a second out of sync. I am using Office XP.

  recap 19:35 05 Sep 2003

Have you tried "custom effects" from the slide show menu. Select "Order & timing", set each frame to start automatically then select "Effects" and set each frame to none?

  Coffe_King 19:46 05 Sep 2003

Thats what I tried to do, I had another shoot and one side is still a second faster than the other, i also tried starting the other one at the 1 second possition but its hard to time. Any other ideas?

  recap 20:04 05 Sep 2003

Have a try with "Slide Transition" set to "no transition" & "automatically" after what ever period you want, then select the "Apply to All" button then "Apply".

  Coffe_King 20:05 05 Sep 2003

The videos are on the same slide, that will just more onto the next slide. The videos run down the sides of my title slide.

  recap 20:23 05 Sep 2003

Sorry Coffe_King for that don't know what I was thinking then.

The only thing I can suggest now is what you have already tried, it's may be a case of trial and error unless somebody else can help you further?

  Coffe_King 20:24 05 Sep 2003

I think i have an addin that can help, will try it and report back

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