microsoft picture it and publishing eula

  stumpy69 21:28 26 May 2010

Hi, hoping someone can help. When i got my first computer in 2000 there was a works suite came with it that consisted of 7 disks. they were Word, Money, Picture it & publishing (2disks), Autoroute and Encarta. I've had 2 computers since then and had no problems installing the suite on them. My prob is now that I've had to put in a new hard-drive and although I've only installed the Picture it/publishing progarm I cant use it until i sign the EULA agrrement. The problem is it's on Disk 1 which has to be installed as well before the other prog can be used but the disk is corrupted and cant be read so making the picture it prog unusable.the thing is I use this prog all the time and love it to bits so I'll be devastated if I cant use it. Please help, Regards, Danny.

  northumbria61 23:26 26 May 2010

Be wary if sites that offer "free" downloads of Microsoft Works. These sites are offering pirated versions of software that may or may not be safe for your computer.

See here - click here

This offers you 90 days free trial of Works - I don't use it so I don't know if this will help out with your problem.

  northumbria61 23:32 26 May 2010

OR - you could ask around your friends/relatives/neighbours to see if anyone has Disk 1 to help you out. You never know what might turn up for you !

  northumbria61 23:35 26 May 2010

Hi stumpy69 - someone else with same problem - I don't know where you would buy "Picture It" from but it may be available somewhere - I will keep looking.

  Demora 09:01 27 May 2010

I'm assuming theses disks are cds. Have you tried washing disk 1 in Mild soapy water and gentley drying it?

Sometimes this works and you could then make a folder on the desktop and copy contents from the disk. Run 'setup' from the folder. I'm looking through my old pc disks to see if I have MSWorks. too.


  stumpy69 20:24 27 May 2010

Hi, thanks everyone for the speedy replies. I've tried cleaning the disk with one of those cleaning kits but to no avail.I've also looked at those sites that northumbria61 mentions but I really dont want to go there for obvious reasons.To buy a new one comes to a lot of money and the publishing part isn't made any more, it's an old suite (2000). I've lokked on e-bay and there's some on there but the people selling them are all from the USA and I'm not sure that after paying for them would they arrive. They're about £30 which aint too bad. I could get in touch with Microsoft I suppose. Any more ideas tho will be much appreciated. Cheers

  northumbria61 12:03 28 May 2010

I would consider contacting Microsoft to see if a single disk is available and at what price.

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