Microsoft Outlook no longer supported by BT

  bpzoom 01:11 22 Nov 2014

I have posted some of this in reply to another thread about the loss of the email service for BT customers over the past two days. I am asking this specific question about Microsoft Outlook because BT advised me when I rang about the lack of the email service that my problems related to not receiving or sending BT yahoo emails was because I should not be using Microsoft Outlook (I use 2010) which is no longer supported by BT. I was told only to use the BT Yahoo webmail until all BT customers have been moved to their new BTmail. Has anyone else heard that Microsoft Outlook is not supported anymore by BT and should not be used?

  wee eddie 01:20 22 Nov 2014

The problem that you have had is common to all those using 3rd Party email services.

Unfortunately you have misread BT's response. BT has never been under any obligation to support any Microsoft products.

They are not wanting to admit that they have a problem with their Servers during the changeover.

I am led to believe that it will resolve itself, given time.

  compumac 08:40 22 Nov 2014

I have been using Microsoft Outlook for a very long time and am having no problems sending or receiving.

  QuizMan 09:56 22 Nov 2014

Are you sure that were not referring to, the web mail based system used by Microsoft?

  bpzoom 10:20 22 Nov 2014

Maybe you are correct and they were referring to the Microsoft web mail system. I appreciate the comment about using 3rd party email services and that BT don't actually support them as such. I probably did misinterpret the answer that my problems related to Outlook 2010 which should not be used ete etc. I was advised only to use webmail until the transfer from Yahoo to BTmail comes off. 30 minutes after I signed off this forum, all my emails for the day came through via Outlook 2010, so what the problem was I have no idea. The BT person would not say when "everyone" is expected to transfer to the new BTmail either.

  spuds 11:03 22 Nov 2014

"The BT person would not say when "everyone" is expected to transfer to the new BTmail either."

If you had watched the BBC Watchdog program last week, you may have found that BT and especially their OpenReach service are having increasing problems of having control of the infrastructure that they have to maintain. Not only for BT but also other ISP's who rely on BT for a good service.

Not saying the above is the answer to the email problems, but it might have something to do with BT's improvements, and employing a further 2000 engineer's.

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