Microsoft Outlook 2007.Will not pick up e-mail accounts when using windows 8

  Blott 15:36 07 Sep 2013

Have been using Microsoft Outlook 2007 with Windows XP for some years. E-mail accounts can be set up manually in Outlook.

Am now trying to move to Windows 8 machine. This does not seem to give the option of setting up e-mail accounts manually - you have to enter addresses of your accounts and then Windows 8 goes off to the internet and retrieves the settings etc for those accounts.

OK in theory no doubt but my Windows 8 cannot find my e-mail accounts (both .freeserve accounts).

Is there any way in Windows 8 that I can overide the default of going on line to be able to enter account details myself ?

Regards to all Blott

  Zak 16:16 07 Sep 2013
  Woolwell 16:25 07 Sep 2013

Are you using the Windows 8 Mail app or Outlook 2007? Using Windows 8 and Outlook should use the same settings using Outlook to configure the accounts.

  Woolwell 16:27 07 Sep 2013

I suspect that Zak's link is to set up not Outlook 2007. The Windows 8 mail app only supports imap.

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