Microsoft Outlook

  GazMaz 19:49 04 Dec 2003

Can anyone help.
Microsoft Outlook Crashed (infact so did Explorer) when I was sending an email.
Now Outlook takes forever to open, and then won't respond when it opens up.
I'm running Win 98, I've checked for Viruses with AVG 7.0 and also run Ad-Aware 6.0, all clean.
Can anyone help?

  GazMaz 19:57 04 Dec 2003

Now got it to open without crashing, had inboxer installed so uninstalled it.
But still takes an age for Outlook to start!

  GazMaz 20:48 04 Dec 2003

For anyone intersted I renamed the file outcmd.dat, saved a copy just in case, and Bingo Outlook works fine


  elleirdad 13:49 09 Dec 2003

Did you reinstall InBoxer? Was that the cause of the problem?

(If so, did you contact InBoxer support?)

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