Microsoft Out of Date

  User-178362 23:55 07 Aug 2006

My Microsoft Antispyware is out of date I have clicked on update. Do I have to click on continue Validation required, to get Beta2? People say they learn my just clicking, but I'm not sure.

  rodriguez 00:02 08 Aug 2006

Microsoft AntiSpyware has been replaced by Windows Defender (click here) and a Windows validation is required.

  rodriguez 00:03 08 Aug 2006

PS if your Windows copy isn't genuine, the validation will fail and it won't let you get download or install it.

  spuds 10:51 08 Aug 2006

It may pay to check in Control panel, then remove the old version, then re-install new version Windows Defender. Alternatively, just use the link above, and follow the instructions, and see if it overwrites the old copy.

  User-178362 17:59 08 Aug 2006

I have deleted the old version but could not install the latest version before deleting nor can I download now. I have saved the download on my desktop. I am getting a message up saying Windows Defender requires Windows 3.1 or later to view a list of all installation requirements visit Microsoft. Not sur what to do when I click on Microsoft.

  wee eddie 18:23 08 Aug 2006

That your copy of Windows is not Kosher.

Windows 3.1 is, I think, the earliest GUI still available.

  User-178362 18:57 08 Aug 2006

wee eddie, I am sorry but I do not know what you mean. I have saved it to disk and put it in my download folder on the PC but as it isn't working for me, not sure if I have wasted my time.

  rdave13 19:32 08 Aug 2006

Maybe you need windows installer 3.1 click here

  User-178362 19:59 08 Aug 2006

I have clicked on the link, it takes me to a page that is just as confusing I have to read it and agree but where do I click onto to to say I agree? Also the print is so faint and half the size of this print it is difficult to read. Not sure how to make the print larger, or darker. Could you please explain telling me what I am supposed to click on. Calling it a day, maybe tomorrow will bring me luck with downloading MSspyware.

  rdave13 20:06 08 Aug 2006

To enlarge the print hold down Ctrl and use your wheel on the mouse. That will enlarge or lessen the size of the page. The site shows that you have to verify windows first before you can download windows installer 3.1 .

  ade.h 20:55 08 Aug 2006

Perhaps it would be easier if someone sent you a copy of the Installer download. If that is actually at fault.

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