Microsoft Office,other then 365

  iqs 11:49 30 Jun 2014

Hello My subscription to Ofice 365 ends in 9 days. I don't really wish to pay another £60-£80 Is there an older Office product,from 07 onwards,which will allow me to install on many different PC's. I mean,install on my current PC,then install on the next,and so on? Thank you

  Ian in Northampton 12:26 30 Jun 2014

Also: the licence doesn't prevent you installing Office on multiple PCs - only multiple PCs simultaneously. Legally, there's no problem to do what you want to do if you upgrade/change out your PC and install your copy of Office on that, so long as it's the only PC on which it's installed.

  Jollyjohn 13:24 30 Jun 2014

Look for MS Office starter.

Will run on W8 - but must install as administrator.

Will not install to W8.1 currently.

  iqs 14:03 30 Jun 2014

Thank you for the help.

I'm watching a copy of Office 07 on ebay(sealed). It comes with 3 licences.I don't mind if its 07,I only use word & excel. Its just ,like I have said, I require a licence I can use on one PC at a time. From the comments here,if sounds like its ideal Thanks

  iqs 14:59 30 Jun 2014

Thanks Woolwell,will double check the listing again,much appreciated

  northumbria61 13:06 02 Jul 2014

As per Woolwell's advice - LibreOffice will do what you want to do. Download LibreOffice

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