Microsoft Office,other then 365

  iqs 11:49 30 Jun 2014

Hello My subscription to Ofice 365 ends in 9 days. I don't really wish to pay another £60-£80 Is there an older Office product,from 07 onwards,which will allow me to install on many different PC's. I mean,install on my current PC,then install on the next,and so on? Thank you

  Woolwell 11:52 30 Jun 2014

Not for less than £60. It depends on how many of the programs you want too eg do you use Outlook or Access? Many versions of previous office suites allowed installation on more than one pc.

  Ian in Northampton 12:26 30 Jun 2014

Also: the licence doesn't prevent you installing Office on multiple PCs - only multiple PCs simultaneously. Legally, there's no problem to do what you want to do if you upgrade/change out your PC and install your copy of Office on that, so long as it's the only PC on which it's installed.

  Woolwell 13:23 30 Jun 2014

Just reread "install on my current PC,then install on the next,and so on". I've been doing that for years.

  Jollyjohn 13:24 30 Jun 2014

Look for MS Office starter.

Will run on W8 - but must install as administrator.

Will not install to W8.1 currently.

  iqs 14:03 30 Jun 2014

Thank you for the help.

I'm watching a copy of Office 07 on ebay(sealed). It comes with 3 licences.I don't mind if its 07,I only use word & excel. Its just ,like I have said, I require a licence I can use on one PC at a time. From the comments here,if sounds like its ideal Thanks

  Woolwell 14:19 30 Jun 2014

Be wary of Office deals on ebay. Some of them are academic licence only. There are genuine ones there but be careful.

An alternative which is free is LibreOffice which will open and edit most MS documents and spreasheets.

  iqs 14:59 30 Jun 2014

Thanks Woolwell,will double check the listing again,much appreciated

  northumbria61 13:06 02 Jul 2014

As per Woolwell's advice - LibreOffice will do what you want to do. Download LibreOffice

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