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Microsoft Office Word 2007

  mammak 19:59 24 Oct 2007

Firstly may I say the only Microsoft Office program I have used is Office 2000 and although I have got to grips with most of the basics in 2007 watermarks,headers and footers that type of thing I for the life of me cant work out how to,

1.Create or insert subdocments.

2.paste special a link from an Excel file.

I would appreciate any help with this it is probably looking me in the eye but I am blind to it at the moment thank you.

  mammak 20:25 24 Oct 2007

Right an update sorted question two go to home and clear clip board before going to Excel sheet and selecting the Data you want to link then ctrl+v and paste special into the Word Document Just the same as 2000,

but Subdocuments are still no go any ideas anyone ?

  mammak 20:28 24 Oct 2007

Thank you both links are just what I needed thanks sorted.

  Forum Editor 20:34 24 Oct 2007

1. Open the master document and click 'Outline' on the View menu.

2. If the subdocuments are collapsed, click 'Expand Subdocuments' on the Outlining toolbar.

3. Click where you want to add the existing document.

4. Make sure to click a blank line between any existing subdocuments.

5. On the Outlining toolbar, click 'Insert Subdocument'.

6. In the File name box, enter the name of the document you want to add, and then click 'Open'.

  mammak 20:39 24 Oct 2007

Thanks for the links saved very future reference,
shockingly and most strangly I am finding Excel 2007 much easier to get to grips with than I did with 2000

it is Word 2007 I have had the most problems with srange for me any how! thank you both for your help much appreciated.

  mammak 20:43 24 Oct 2007

Thanks to you to, Office 2007 is all a bit strange ay the moment but I am sure I will get there in the end but I know a good place to come whiles I am getting to grips :-)

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