microsoft office word 2000

  julieC 09:05 13 Apr 2006

I have had word 2000 installed for several years and have lost the original disc. It keeps crashing, and when I try to repair it (following the links) it says to install the original disc. If I get another one will it do the job? or do I really need the original? I don't want to loose all my files!
Thank you!

  mgmcc 09:21 13 Apr 2006

Running a repair will probably require an *identical* disk to the one it was originally installed from.

  julieC 09:26 13 Apr 2006

Hi mgmcc.....thanks for the response. Does this mean that I need to keep looking rather than buy another one? I have moved house and I think it has disappeared in the move..

  Diemmess 09:32 13 Apr 2006

For safety you can copy your documents anywhere out of harms way.

You should buy a new disk anyway for something as important and useful as Word.

Repair is one thing, but it is not so difficult to uninstall and new install again with a valid disk. You will lose only your personal tweaks. You shouldn't lose any templates if you copy them elsewhere first.

For the time being you might save the day by deleting

Get out of Word.
Run Search for, right click and Delete.

Open Word again and it will have made a new version of

  julieC 11:59 13 Apr 2006

Hi Diemmess....I am a real novice.....what difference will deleting make?
Thank you very much for your response though!

  VoG II 12:15 13 Apr 2006 is the default template - a common cause of problems. If you delete it Word will create a new one the next time you run it.

  Whaty 12:45 13 Apr 2006

Deleting in the way Diemmess suggested will not cause any problems, but might cure some.... As VoG confirmed, is a common cause of problems.

It's worth a try.

  julieC 12:51 13 Apr 2006

Hi. Thank you all so much for your advice. I have deleted as suggested, but unfortunately it has not made a difference. I have managed to save my folders to disc though, but the only way I could do it was to email them to myself then save to disc
Has anyone got any other suggestions, or should I go shopping for a new version of word? If so, have you any recommendations - I use it a lot!
Thank you all

  Diemmess 13:47 13 Apr 2006

If you really can't find your old Word CD then buying another legitimate copy is both sensible and necessary.

You might find what you want here click here
on ebaY.
Make sure you don't confuse Works 2000 with Word 2000 and check the details of various offers. Most look quite genuine, one or two might be a bit phoney.

  pj123 15:06 13 Apr 2006

Or you may like to try Open Office 2.0 which is/was free and given away on the PC Advisor Magazines for March 2006 issue 128 or the May 2006 issue 130.

Supposedly 100 percent compatible with Office 2000

If you don't have either of these DVDs email me via the envelope and I will post one out to you.

But you should still be able to get the May edition from your local newsagents.

  julieC 15:41 13 Apr 2006

Diemmess and pj123
Thank you for your advice - I shall have a look for the May edition and see how I get on! I'm sure I'll be asking more questions when I get it!
Thanks again

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