Microsoft Office will not instal

  bumpkin 19:20 04 Nov 2012

Hi, had a few problems with XP pro and had to re-instal it. I thought I had recovered most of my programs from my backup but some don`t seem to work. Microsoft Office is fairly important to me. It shows in "All Programs" but when I try to start Word for example the message is "Problem with Shortcut" "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". Tried re-installing it from the CD but after I had entered the license key I got "msiexec.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". Any suggestions please.

  compumac 19:37 04 Nov 2012

How have you recovered your programmes from backup?

  Ian in Northampton 19:41 04 Nov 2012

If you had to reinstall XP, you would almost certainly have needed to reinstall Office - I don't believe you could just 'recover' your applications from your backup. The new install of XP would have a 'clear' registry with no entries in it other than those required by the operating system - but when you install Office from the CD, it would create the relevant entries in the registry. I'm guessing you've now got some sort of conflict. Your shortcut points to a non-existent program - probably the version of Word you had before you reinstalled XP. Then, when you try to install Office from the CD, it's conflicting with the 'recovered' copy of Word. I'm really not sure what to suggest except going back to the beginning and reinstalling XP, then doing a 'proper' install on all your software rather than trying to recover it.

  bumpkin 20:33 04 Nov 2012

Thanks for the replies. compumac, I thought I had recovered my stuff from a clone I made of the hard drive about 2 wks ago, as I said progs appear to be there but wont work so something wrong. Ian,after I had re-installed and got XP to bootup I cloned the whole drive back to how it was or so I thought. I would also have thought that would include the registry as it is supposed to be an exact copy of the original. I may well have to start afresh as you say but making a point of doing back ups and then they dont work is annoying to say the least.

  compumac 20:36 04 Nov 2012

In essence you cannot recover a programme such as Office from a backup unless it was a disc image such as by using Acronis. What exactly have you re-installed - XP Pro alone from CD or was it from the recovery discs/partition? If it came from the recovery partition it might very well have the short cut to the installation of Office itself, is this the case?

  compumac 20:40 04 Nov 2012


Crossed posts.

Do I understand that you re-installed XP and then put the original clone back over the top?

  bumpkin 22:33 04 Nov 2012

Hi again, I will try to explain, "cloned" or in other words made an exact copy of my HDD to external HDD before I had problems. I had to do a clean instal of XP as it would not boot up, tried repair first but no joy. Once I could get XP running I then cloned back from my external HDD which should in theory put it back exactly as it was when working including program files and all other data. I have done this a few times before on this PC and others with no probs. Something seems to have gone wrong this time, I have tried cloning back from the external drive again but to no avail so I suspect that something went wrong in the writing to the back up disk.

  bumpkin 22:47 04 Nov 2012

I have tried Aconis in the past but was not for me, what is the difference between image and clone? Posted this question before but never did get an explanation.

  lotvic 23:37 04 Nov 2012

A clone is an exact copy of a drive/partition. If you clone drive C: to another drive you can then take out the original C: drive and replace with the other drive. When you boot pc up it will be/act exactly the same as if you had not taken the original C: drive out. The two drives will be identical twins.

An image is a backup copy usually compressed to make size of file smaller. It's contents are the same as a clone gets (the boot part and all the data) but it's stored in a file (you can't boot from a file) If it is an image file of the C: (boot) drive it needs to be restored - uncompressed and copied to a drive/partition before using in place of original C: connected to pc and then booted up.

You can also 'Mount' an image file to explore, browse and copy files from.

Best way I can think of to explain is: If you have ever had an .iso file that you've burnt to a CD or DVD, then you will know that an .iso is also an Image File - an image of a CD or DVD that you have to burn before you can play the CD/DVD.

  bumpkin 00:00 05 Nov 2012

Thanks lotvic' that is exactly what I thought cloning was. So in my case here there must have been an error in writing the clone or reading it. Does the fact that the backup "clone" is on an external HDD usb make any difference.

  lotvic 01:31 05 Nov 2012

"Once I could get XP running I then cloned back from my external HDD which should in theory put it back exactly as it was when working including program files and all other data"

The above doesn't seem to be a very good way to be doing clones..

If you're not using Acronis what program are you using? the usual way is to boot from the programs CD to start - not from XP that is on the C: (that you will overwrite with the clone..?) program would only have to close down XP and restart the pc so why bother with reinstalling XP?

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