Microsoft Office V Works compatabilty

  panhandle 10:28 25 Oct 2005

Quick piece of advice please - if I install Office on a PC that has Works, will existing documents & spreadsheets open in Word/Excel?

In other words, can I safely uninstall Works?

Maybe a converter is needed?


  Simsy 10:40 25 Oct 2005

"will existing documents & spreadsheets open in Word/Excel?"

Unless the documents have been saved, within Works, as .doc or .xls then generally the answer is No.

As usual, I'm open to correction!



  mike1967 10:41 25 Oct 2005

It will work ok but just check it and leave works on till you confirm it works, unless you need to uninstall works due to lack of room on hard drive.

  CLONNEN 11:08 25 Oct 2005

I personally have both Microsoft Works and Microsoft Office on my computer. Saves having to convert all the Works documents into Office documents.

You'll find that some types of documents simply will not convert properly especially things like label templates and stuff which has fancy borders in it.

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