Microsoft Office Specialist - Worth The Paper?

  OwenLotts 22:23 02 Oct 2004

I have a training centre near by that is offering MOS for £149. The question is... Is this qualification worth getting?

From what i can read as a specialist i only study one of the 5 Office components rather than 3 or 4 out of the 5.

I used to work with Access databases a while back but never completed any formal training. I would like to get back into it again but feel i need a formal qualification to add to the experience on my CV.

So is this course worth the money (ie will employers take it seriously?) or is it a little too basic? I've read the info at click here but i wondered if anyone could shed some real world experience?

  Sir Radfordin 22:32 02 Oct 2004

The price seems higher than I recall it being - somewhere in the region of £90 but can't find that now.

I would question the value of such training. Most jobs don't need that advanced a level of Office yet do ask for some level of competance. For proving that something like the ECDL would no doubt suffice and is widely recognised. I know of some employers who will only consider applicants who have, or would be willing to do, ECDL.

I guess it comes down to the kind of job you are looking to get?

  OwenLotts 22:39 02 Oct 2004

I started work in 1996 as a Database Administrator typing in 100's of forms a day into a MS Access database. Never used Access before having just graduated with a degree in Forensic Science. It was a temp job until the real job came along - never did!!

On the way 4 weeks turned into 4 months which turned into 4 years. By the end of which i was running the back end of the database processing over £1 million of commission claims a month (£6 million in a good month). I spec'd system changes and tested them before their implementation and was the first line of support for the database. This is what i would like to get back into but i am having trouble because there has been a gap between then and now. I need a refresher course and some way of standing out from the next guy (or lass).

The £149 includes all materials test prep and fees with unlimited use of a PC and all support. NO EXTRAS......

  OwenLotts 22:49 02 Oct 2004

The £149 includes both MOS and Clait Plus (have Googled that but don't understand!)

  Djohn 23:17 02 Oct 2004

click here have a look at this link from Learn direct. They do all types of IT courses at reasonable prices and you may even be in a category where you don't need to pay at all.

The courses can be done at home via broadband, work at your own pace 24/7. 10 minutes here 20 minutes there,whenever you have some time to spare, even at 3am. Or you can do them from your local Learndirect centre or University.

I'm 5 months into a basic "Complete desktop tutor" course and enjoying every minute of it.

I can spend 30 minutes or so in a morning, couple of hours in the afternoon and if I have trouble sleeping then I spend most of the early hours of the morning working away. If I don't feel too well on any day then I give it a miss.

Have a look through what they offer, I think you might be surprised at the amount of courses and skill levels they can provide.

CLAIT - Computer Literacy and Information Technology.

In the early days of computing would have been considered a must for employment, I doubt it now as Employers themselves are becoming computer literate.

The course that you are considering has probably become the lowest qualification that is recognised as being a 'cut above the average' but I do not think it carries as much weight as the ECDL with prospective employers.

As Djohn has suggested LearnDirect is a good way of increasing your knowledge or getting back to speed on a subject.

Taran or the FE would be a good person to have a comment from as I am now out of touch myself with current employment targets and expectations.

Best wishes for whichever way you decide to go but in the end it is hands-on experience that is going to carry the most weight and that is difficult to achieve without some paper qualifications.


  OwenLotts 10:16 03 Oct 2004

Nice one! Looks like i qualify for the reduced price and i can do the Microsoft Windows 2000 Administration course for £40! (just for example)

This seems cheap - even if the full price is £250!? Is this a full qualification or do i need several of these courses to make a full qualification. For example would just the Microsoft Windows 2000 Administration course be enough on its own to help me?

I think i really need to go and talk to someone in one of these LearnDirect centres (3 within 20 mins walk from my house!).

The problem is i have loads of time to study, little money but bags of experience. I just need to turn the experience into a qualification so i can flaunt it easier. I keep getting pipped to the post by people with less experience but who have a qualification!

Whisperer - cheers for the info on Clait.

  Djohn 15:43 03 Oct 2004

I think you will find Learndirect will suit your needs perfectly. Good luck with your choice of course and best wishes to a successful future. j.

  OwenLotts 15:49 03 Oct 2004


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