Microsoft Office programs are very slow

  lonemascot 15:30 14 Dec 2008

My computer is relatively new and is very fast when running any other programs. However, when I'm using Word or Excel it slows up massively especially when I save or copy and paste a section of work.

I'm guessing I need to allocate more memory to the program but I don't know how.

I'm running Vista with 3GB of RAM on an Intel core 2 quad Q6600 2.4ghz cpu.

Ideas or instructions please.


  brundle 15:32 14 Dec 2008

"I'm guessing I need to allocate more memory to the program" - no, Windows does that on its own.

Which version of Office, have you tried removal and re-install?

  brundle 15:33 14 Dec 2008

Do you have anti-virus software that scans Office documents?

  lonemascot 15:41 14 Dec 2008

I have Office 2002 and am running Avast antivirus but I was using AVG before and it still did it.

I haven't tried uninstalling and installing again, will that work?

  brundle 15:47 14 Dec 2008

"will that work?"? It's worth a try.
Office mean Office XP? Fully patched? Is it a recent problem, can you system restore to a time when things worked better? You could try setting the winword.exe and excel.exe to only use one CPU core, but shouldn't be here

  skeletal 15:48 14 Dec 2008

The other thing to consider is that Office 2007 is slower than Office 2003. Vista is also slower than XP so if you are used to 2003 on XP, I dread to think how slow 2007 on Vista would appear to be! I’ve not actually tried that combination myself.

Of course, there is “slow” and “slow”. You may have a specific problem, but your computer is more than good enough to simply run Office of either variety without any special settings.


  skeletal 15:55 14 Dec 2008

Ooops…cross posted!

Forget the lengthy discussions about Office 2007!

Office XP is the one variety I’ve not tried myself, but I would not have thought it was massively different from other flavours (Unlike 2007).

brundle is coming up with some good ideas.

Also, have you got any add-ins from third parties? If you do a complete re-install, make sure you don’t include any such add-ins at first, until you see how it runs.


  lonemascot 15:56 14 Dec 2008

when i save a worksheet in excel it takes about 25 seconds for the little blue taskbar to finish doing its thing. during that time if i click somewhere the program says its not responding and i have to wait for it to 'catch up' then its ok again.

yer it is office XP and it has been fully updated as far as i know. I'll run another update and if it still plays up i'll consider reinstalling the programs.

  skeletal 16:41 14 Dec 2008

Your description fits with the file being very large, or something is slowing the disc access. While it is saving (writing to the hard drive) it will say “not responding”. A typical save should of course only take a second or so.

What happens if you try to save a really small spreadsheet?

What is the file path you are using to save (i.e. you are saving to the hard disc and aren’t accidently saving across a network or something silly like that)?

And, as brundle says, is there something else interfering with the save, typically an anti-virus type of software?


  lonemascot 18:53 14 Dec 2008

The page could be only a few cells or characters long and it still takes ages. I am saving direct to my hard drive.

Im just gonna reinstall it and see what happens.

  skeletal 11:09 15 Dec 2008

It’s worth a try.

Also, I wonder if it is a Vista problem, given that the problem also occurs with a tiny file size.

I have all but abandoned Vista myself; on the rare occasions I got it to work, the continual hard drive activity made any form of filing activity slow. However, I would imagine that your problem is much worse than normal. Is Vista trying to do something at the same time?

Have you got all the latest service packs (which supposedly help)?

Others with greater Vista experience may be able to offer other ideas.


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