Microsoft office Picture manager not working

  Spr 10:33 11 Aug 2018

For some reason or other my picture manager has stopped working I cannot crop rotate any photos. failing to get it working again is there any free program that will do the same as picture manager. I'm running windows 8.

  Jollyjohn 22:08 11 Aug 2018

Try GIMP - click here

  Taff™ 08:14 12 Aug 2018

Although unsupported now get Google Picasa - very simple with all the functionality you will need and less complicated than GIMP. Crop, rotate, Straighten, Basic light & Colour options.

href here

  Taff™ 08:28 12 Aug 2018

Sorry That link didn't work! It's an archive link so I will have another go

href Machine Archive

  Taff™ 08:31 12 Aug 2018

Whoops! Right Scroll down to Option 2 for windows users to the direct download link! Worked for me anyway

click here

  alanrwood 09:32 12 Aug 2018

Try "". It is much simpler to use than GIMP which is a much more professional program and with a steeper learning curve. Just Google " download".

  lotvic 18:25 12 Aug 2018

No need to Google, is in TechAdvisor downloads click here

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