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  Simsy 20:55 14 May 2008


Sister has Office XP. It's an OEM version that she bought at the same time as her Dell PC a few years ago. She's in the process of aquiring, (It's a gift and I'm settig it up for her), a laptop.

Now I know that the general priciple with Microsoft Office, (prior to the 2003 version), is that you can have it installed on one desktop AND one laptop...

Can anyone confirm that this also applies to the OEM version. I have a feeling that this has been asked before and the answer is "Yes, it does". but I can't find it if that's so, and I don't have access to the setup discs to check the eula as they are with sis. Obviously I can't get her to check as that would give the game away!

If it's OK to do so then I'll install it when she gets the PC... if it's not OK then I'll install OpenOffice.

Thanks in anticipation,



  ventanas 21:48 14 May 2008

Hi Simsy. I don't think there was any difference. You should be able to put it on the laptop as well.

  MAT ALAN 21:49 14 May 2008

I have an OEM Copy of Office and installed it on my PC. Can I install it on my laptop, too?
No. The EULA is different for OEM copies of Office, and you cannot install an OEM Copy on your laptop, only if you are the only user of the laptop. The OEM copy of Office can exist only on the original PC on which it was installed. No laptops, no anything else. OEM copies are strictly one machine only licenses.

  MAT ALAN 21:50 14 May 2008

click here

above text was taken from link...

  ventanas 21:51 14 May 2008

Sorry I'm wrong. One machine only

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  Simsy 22:59 14 May 2008

I suspected that that was the case.



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