Microsoft Office Compatibility

  GuZ><0r 14:04 16 Oct 2005

On my home computer I have Office 2003, and at scholl they use Office XP. When I try and open the XP powerpoints on my home computer, it won't. Is there a download that will let me do this (and with the Word, Access etc.).

Thanks in advance

  VoG II 14:13 16 Oct 2005

The file formats are the same (Access might be different) so they should open OK. I have Office 2003 here and 2000 at work and I can open documents created on either PC with no problem.

  Klof Ron 14:15 16 Oct 2005

Will these help click here

  skeletal 17:32 16 Oct 2005

But if anything, your problem is the wrong way round i.e. it is not unusual for an old version of software not to open a new version, but a new version will always (nearly!) open an old.

I also use Office 2000 and 2003 (I have both on my main computer) and can swap between the two easily (in Access 2003 I have to save in 2000 format).

I thus think that there may be more to this than meets the eye, but what I don’t know.


  Simsy 21:03 16 Oct 2005

we're missing the obvious here...

Does the version of Office 2003 that you have at home include PowerPoint? I believe that it's snot included with all versions.

Are you looking for a PowerPoint reader? If so

click here

With apologies if I've missed point and the problem isn't this!



  ventanas 21:22 16 Oct 2005

Similar here, 2002(XP) at home and 2003 at work. No problem mixing the files. I think Simsy may have hit on something though, although Microsoft were a bit more generous with 2003 and included Powerpoint in the Small Business edition. If you have the Basic edition then there is no Powerpoint.

  GuZ><0r 00:00 17 Oct 2005

I have the full works office 2003. My computer regonises that the file is a powerpoint and when I click to open it, it says it can't open it.

  skeletal 15:19 17 Oct 2005

If you don't mind us seeing your file, you could zip it and email it to me. I could try to open it using my Office 2003 and see what happens.


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