Microsoft Office 2010 advice needed please(New computer)

  hiwatt 13:48 28 Dec 2012

Hi Folks. I got an excellent new computer as a christmas present.It has Windows 7 Home premium with a 64bit OS.When being offered updates,all the updates for Office 2010 I am being offered are 32 bit?Should I install them? It had Microsoft office 2010 installed but it's asking for it to be activated with a key or to purchase it although Microsoft office starter is working just fine. Does the full version of Office not come with Windows 7 or is it just a "trial" version? Also what is the difference between Office 2010 and Microsoft office starter?Any help is much appreciated.Should I install ALL the updates I am being offered? I hope you all had a lovely christmas/holiday.Thank you.

  alanrwood 13:59 28 Dec 2012

See for the situation on 32/64 bit OPffice 2010

Office Starter is an Advert supported version so you pay to register and get a key to remove the advert.

  dangerusone 14:18 28 Dec 2012

Office 2010 Starter is just basic Office it does not include Outlook (Which is great for email accounts) and as alanrwood said includes advertising which is taken off when you purchase the full version. I had the same thing when I purchased a netbook and as I have a desktop PC with Office 2007 I installed Open Office on the netbook, that fills all my needs

  Taff™ 15:34 28 Dec 2012

The Office Starter as has been previously stated has advertising and is a very much "cut down" version of Office 2010 - it doesn't even include PowerPoint. If you have previously used anything other than basic Word Processing or Excel features it will not meet your needs.

I would install LibreOffice rather than OpenOffice LibreOffice Download because the former has been left to stagnate and the majority of it's key developers have moved on to LibreOffice. LibreOffice has full compatibility with current MS Office XML formats and includes a Powerpoint compatible program. It is not quite as "fancy" as Office 2010 with it's ribbons, bells and whistles but will handle much, much more than the starter edition.

That said, you can still get a full legitimate version of Office 2010 for very reasonable money if there is someone in your household or a granchils who is in full time education. Post back if this is the cae and I'll give you a link. It will be cheapewr than the MS Office Stucent & Teacher versions curently available in PC World for example.

  dangerusone 05:58 29 Dec 2012


I'm behind the times, I hadn't heard of LibreOffice, I will have to look it over. I am interested in the link for Office 2010 as my daughter is teaching and my granddaughter is in her 1st year at comp. I prefer it for email accounts.


Sorry to have hijacked the thread somewhat.

  Taff™ 08:58 29 Dec 2012

MS Office 2010 Plus MS Office 2010 Plus This is the product that has now been withdrawn but was until March 2012 less than £40. Still a bargain but £149. This could be registered to anyone in full time education including to parents & guardians of the pupils. Worth checking out if you are not at University but be quick.

MS Office University MS University 2010 with free upgrade to Office 2013 This is for University Students only and not primary or secondary school pupils. It requires full verification of academic status.

It goes without saying that both the above are far cheaper than the equivalent purchases on the high street and my first link is the one I advised every parent to buy for their kids. It has virtually, if not every component of MS Office Professional available. Once verification has taken place, usually overnight you can download the product and install it using the Authentication key supplied on your invoice. (Only the 32 bit version is available on media)

Another supplier for comparison purposes is Phoenix Software but they haven't got the earlier version.

Microsoft orginally used this scheme as a marketing tactic to get all students the office software at a very early age. I think we can understand why they have now moved their focus to University level. The fact that most schools now use MS Office 2007/2010 being perhaps one of them.

If you have a teacher in the family it is worth asking them to check with the schools IT department to see if they will provide a legitimate copy of MS Office for them. I am aware that some schools do this but it is not widely publicised. (Either to the teachers or students)

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