Microsoft Office 2007, is it worth it?

  MAJ 14:43 02 Mar 2010

I have the opportunity to buy MS Office 2007 for £9 through my wife's work (NHS). I know it's worth the £9, but is it worth upgrading from my present version of MS Office 2003? I haven't used it yet so I'm not sure of the differences/improvements between 2003/2007.

  Woolwell 14:47 02 Mar 2010

It is a different interface ie the ribbon but once I got used to it I quite like Office 2007. Outlook seems to be an improvement. I think that biggest plus for me is the ability to download the add-on that allows you to export office documents as pdf files.

  northumbria61 14:50 02 Mar 2010

I would say definitely get it especially at that price. I upgraded to it a few months ago and although I don't use all of the features (I didn't with 2003 either) I find it excellent. It takes a bit of getting used to at first seeing as Microsoft took a perfectly good program and changed everything around (yes I mean everything) but once you have "mastered it" it is good.

  oldbeefer3 14:50 02 Mar 2010

I had it at work and found it took some time to get used to the differences. I still have 2003 at home, despite the offer of a free upgrade!

  kdt 15:09 02 Mar 2010

Don't ask grab it. I bought @ £45 my grand daughter being student...Enterprise 2007.

  VoG II 15:09 02 Mar 2010

For £9 it is definitely worth it, MAJ.

I have it at home. I found it took a long time to find things in Excel and I'm still struggling to find things in Word. However, it seems that the Ribbon is here to stay so one might as well get used to it.

You might find this handy click here

  daveeb 15:16 02 Mar 2010

It's worth the £9 but personally i'd keep it in the bottom drawer for a rainy day and stick with 2003.

  northumbria61 15:42 02 Mar 2010

Well we have a lot of rainy days so you should be using it quite a lot.

  BRYNIT 15:42 02 Mar 2010

You could always have 2003 and 2007 running on the same computer until you have got use to 2007 click here

This may help with Office 2007 click here

  skeletal 15:53 02 Mar 2010

For £9 it’s a no brainer…bite their hands off!

All you need to do is do a custom install and select the option that lets you keep 2003.

The only proviso is that you can only have one version of Outlook, but as Outlook 2007 does not have the ribbon interface (the big thing that a lot of existing users find hard to get used to), you may as well upgrade.

Then, try them all out and if you don’t like some/all of it, you’ve only lost £9. Doing it this way you can easily switch between versions for parts you don’t like. Note that it can take a few minutes to reinitialise after switching versions.

Also, if you are into VBA, there are a few inconsistencies that can be hard to de-bug.

It will get you used to the interface ready for Office 2010 which, despite its bugs, I really like (I’m beta testing it ATM so have 2003, 2007 and 2010 all together).


  MAJ 19:28 02 Mar 2010

Thanks guys, the consensus is definitely to go for it. It looks like 'the ribbon' is going to be good fun to get used to. In monetary terms there's no question that it's worth getting, but I meant if it was worth bothering with, was there any decent improvements that are worth the hassle (that PDF add-on looks like a good addition, Woolwell), although I knew you knew that's what I meant.

I'm not into VBA, skeletal, well, not while VoG™'s around ;)) and I don't use Outlook so I'll not lose out there. I was going to run (depending on your reviews of 2007) it and 2003 together, as I have done with other versions from 97, until I get used to the new interface.

It's a download, so I'll have to add it to my next Acronis image. Thanks once again for answering and for the links, VoG™ and BRYNIT, nice bit of reading there. :)

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