Microsoft Office 2007

  Cesare 11:06 18 Dec 2007

Can I replace my Office 2003 with Office 2007 without replacing Win XP sp2 with Vista ?? Does Office 2007 automatically overwrite 2003 or does it uninstall it..... or do I have to uninstall before ?? Thanks

  VoG II 11:15 18 Dec 2007

1) Yes it runs on XP.

2) You will be prompted on installation as to whether to remove Office 2003. It will remove Outlook 2003 anyway.

  crosstrainer 11:16 18 Dec 2007

Is your 2007 disc an upgrade or a full version?

If it's a full copy, then you can uninstall 2003, (Backup all documents etc. first) If it's an "Upgrade" then it will overwrite the existing files.

In all cases BAckup first.

You Do not need to remove XP, but will need to download converter files from the Ms site to remain compatible with older versions

  Boghound 11:21 18 Dec 2007

Yes and yes it overwrites everything and saves all your settings except macros, which it deletes!! Be careful though if you use Publisher to print multipul items such as CD/DVD covers say two to a page, as it shows printing two but really means two images not two pages, so you have to print four for two pages.

  Cesare 11:22 18 Dec 2007

Thanks for yr quick response. Regards

  Cesare 12:31 18 Dec 2007

I tried to upgrade to Office 2007 and setup was aborted. This is what I got:-
ERROR 1402. Setup cannot open registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\setup\migration DLLS. Verify you have sufficient permission to access the registry or contact Microsoft Product Support services (PSS) for assistance. For info on how to contact PSS, see C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Office\Office11\1033\PSS1OR.chm
Should I leave well alone and remain with Office 2003.

  Boghound 21:23 18 Dec 2007


  crosstrainer 09:10 19 Dec 2007

Must be an upgrade disc then...I would leave it alone, as Boghound suggestes..No freebie's anymore :)

  Cesare 11:58 19 Dec 2007

Actually it's not a freebie. It is a student disk bought much cheaper than the shop retail ones.
I managed to install it when I tried a second time by clicking on, Repair Office2007, and so all is well, thank you.

  grendawkin 10:16 19 Jul 2008

I have just purchased a Notebook which came with a trial version of Office 2007.
I have obtained a Product Key to convert to the full version.
When I enter the key it is accepted and I get the green tick and Installation begins.
However when I use office again it is still the trial version.
I would be most grateful for any help.

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