microsoft office 2007

  chippy+ 11:32 11 Nov 2007

hi since i installed ms office 2007 i keep getting a ms configeration box appearing when i open word and sometimes when the pc starts can anyone help i have tried the reg change which was suggested but it keeps coming back thanks Chippy

  chippy+ 16:53 27 Nov 2007

hi Maksimus2000

I dont't need a crack my office apps is legal it seems to be a bug in the program i have tried a few ideas from different sources but it keeps coming back Chippy

  rawprawn 17:10 27 Nov 2007

Have you tried "Repair"?

  rawprawn 08:29 28 Nov 2007

It's better to start a new thread of your own rather than Hi Jack another. Firstly it's more courteous, and secondly you are likely to get a better response.
Just click on "Start a new subject" and post your question.

  chippy+ 14:50 28 Nov 2007

Jake_027 and rawprawn sorry about the delay yes i did try a repair made no difference i uninstalled ms office 2003 and chcked for any left over files before installing 2007 i use easy cleaner by toniarts which i find is great i have used it for years now but whether it's just by chance or not i put ms office 2007 in the skip box for unnecessary files i have not had any bother since thanks again Chippy

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